Hotel Retail

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Selected Partners

Our relationships include leaders in the hospitality and leisure industry

What We Do

We deliver the hotel brand to your guests and incremental revenue to you.

Custom Shop

Your guests purchase items experienced at or inspired by their stay with you in a shop that is seamlessly hotel branded.


We manage the design, hosting, inventory, transactions, fulfillment and customer service with a best-in-class concierge team.

New Revenue

Hotel means luxury. Adding an e-shop can drive passive revenue from guests who long to experience the best in sleep and spa at home.


Extending your hotel brand into the consumer's home creates an unparalleled connection, which will ensure lifelong loyalty.


Stay on the leading edge of hospitality and remain competitive. Lock in consumers and promote your brand long after their stay.

Smart Choice

Create new revenue and customer connections with a complete partner solution that ensures you can focus on your core business.

Our Philosophy


“We don't sell products, we deliver experiences. At Parker&Morgan we are forward thinking, people focused, responsible and influential. We believe that Sleep & Wellness is not reserved for the privileged, but is a way of life that is accessible to all.”

Peter Whitford, CEO

About Us

About Us

Parker&Morgan is a global sleep and wellness brand with retail shops and hotel partnerships in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We design world class bed, bath and décor products for both consumer and business needs.
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